Adapted physical activity for community organizations

Title : Co-creation and evaluation of tools to facilitate the implementation and appropriation of evidence-based adapted physical activity training modules for community-based organizations.

Based on the needs of community partners (Viomax and Adaptavie), we co-developed nine training modules and successfully trained kinesiologists who provide adapted physical activity services to people with disabilities.

As part of the appropriation phase of the social innovation process, our proposed project aims to co-create and evaluate tools to support the implementation of these training modules within adapted physical activity community-based organizations who provide adapted physical activity services.

Using an integrated knowledge translation approach, this project will be completed in two phases.

  • Phase 1 consists of working groups to co-create the implementation tools.
  • In Phase 2, organizations (Adaptavie, Viomax, and 2-3 arms-length organizations) will actively use the tools to implement the training modules within their organizations while being observed by the research team to determine what works and what does not.
  • The result will be useable tools to facilitate the appropriation and implementation of training modules within community-based organizations.
Global progress
Working Group meeting #1 : Implementation tools developed; application to ethics board; ethics application
Working group meeting #2 & #3 Implementation tools refinement;
Step 1: Think aloud/Near Live protocol tested on Adaptavie and Viomax for implementation tools evaluation; Working meeting #4
Step 2: Think aloud/Near Live protocol tested external community-based organizations for implementation tools evaluation; Working meeting #5
Knowledge dissemination
Team members

Shane N. Sweet, McGill University, CRIR, REPAR
Krista Best, Université Laval, CIRRIS, REPAR,
Nour Saadawi McGill University

Mario Légaré, Directeur général, Adaptavie
Roxanne Périnet-Lacroix, Directrice de l’administration et de l’innovation, Adaptavie

Serge Côté, Personne avec un savoir expérientiel
Mohamed Amine Samorah, Personne avec un savoir expérientiel :

Intersectoral collaboration agent
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