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Inclusive Society is a research initiative that aims at maximising the impacts of innovation in Quebec. We believe that organizations representing people living with disabilities, public or private organizations and universities can put their expertise together to find solutions to the numerous obstacles encountered by people with disabilities.

Join the Inclusive Society community

This will allow you to:

– To integrate participatory, cross-sectoral and innovative research projects
– Join a network of experts (researchers and partners) on issues related to the inclusion of people with disabilities
– Benefit from the support of intersectoral consultation officers (ACI)

The benefits:

– Support in carrying out your research projects
– The establishment of partnerships or collaborations.
– Dissemination of tools, results and best practices to the network
– Support in the search for grants

The commitments :

( to the extent of your possibilities)

– Contribute to the identification of obstacles to be prioritized,
– Support, in one way or another, the means implemented to eliminate or reduce these obstacles.
– Share your specific expertise (or human, financial and/or material resources) during the realization of the project.

You can contact us to register as a partner by sending us an email at or you can fill out the form below.

You can contact us to register as a partner by sending us an email at or fill out the form below.