Laughter for inclusion: Jayman’s wacky series on participatory research

Welcome to this series of 8 short videos in which talented humorist Jayman takes up the theme of participatory research to guide us with humor through the challenges, concepts and issues of participatory research, all in a light-hearted and entertaining atmosphere. Get ready to laugh as you go behind the scenes of participatory research and discover the importance of inclusion in our society. Don’t miss this unique series that combines laughter, reflection and awareness of inclusion!

These videos were produced during the participatory research symposium “BY FOR WITH marginalized groups”, held on June 5, 2023 at Université Laval in Quebec City. An event co-organized by Société Inclusive, CREGÉS, the DI-TSA university institute and Exeko, and funded in part by SSHRC. Thanks to everyone involved in this exciting video series.