Past Activities

  • Thematic activities: Thematic activities are knowledge transfer and exchange activities on specific issues related to the social inclusion of people with disabilities.
  • Networking activities: These activities aim to facilitate a first contact between representatives of partners and researchers interested in the social inclusion of people with disabilities, to imagine possible collaborations and to discuss possible research projects.
  • Workshops: Workshops organized by Société Inclusive focus on funding opportunities related to partnership research.
  • Annual exchange forums and conferences: Annual Exchange Forums and conferences are organized once a year. Their purpose is to share current research projects and create new collaborations.
  • Summer School: The Summer Schools aim to introduce students and partners to participatory research related to the social inclusion of people with disabilities.


Networking activities:

 Networking event: technology for inclusion

  • April 12th 2022, on Zoom
  • To come

Rencontre de maillage partenaires-chercheurs – L’inclusion sociale des aînés en situation de handicap

Rencontre de maillage partenaires-chercheurs

Rencontre partenaires-chercheurs de réflexion et de réseautage (en anglais)

Rencontre chercheurs-partenaires à Québec

Rencontre chercheurs-partenaires à Montréal

Rencontre partenaires-chercheurs


Presentation of the Inclusive Society Partnership Research Program

Presentation of the MEDTEQ+ Impact Program

Appliquer au Programme Fédéral Normes Accessibilité Canada

  • May 17th 2022, on Zoom
  • Web page (To come)

Appliquer au MITACS Accélération

  • April 19th 2022, on Zoom
  • Web page (To come)

Appliquer aux subventions Alliance du CRSNG

Appliquer aux subventions d’engagement partenarial du CRSH

Annual exchanges forums and conferences

2022 Presentation projects

2021 Exchange forum

Conference – Human rights, disability and crisis situations: from local to international

2020 Exchange forum

2019 Exchange forum

2018 Exchange forum

2017 Exchange forum

Summer school

Summer school 2019 – École d’été sur la recherche participative en inclusion sociale des personnes ayant des incapacités

  • June 2nd to 5th 2019, Drummondville
  • 2019 Summer school website (in french)