Illustration vectorielle montrant des profils d’hommes et de femmes utilisant un diagramme pour organiser visuellement les informations. Landscape vector illustration is showing men and women profiles using a diagram to visually organize information.

Networking activity – Arts and Culture: for more inclusive offers

Networking activity IN FRENCH – Collaborative workshop online on the Zoom platform


At a time of “Nothing for us without us[1]“, the objective of this meeting is to collectively bring to light the existing needs, in the field of culture, to promote the social participation of people with disabilities.

We believe that organizations representing people with disabilities, public and private organizations, and academic institutions can combine their expertise in order to identify the necessary solutions to the many difficulties and obstacles encountered in the field of culture.

The networking activity aims to facilitate a first contact between partners and researchers interested in the social inclusion of people with disabilities, to imagine possible collaborations, and to discuss possible research projects.

Keywords: participatory research, co-construction, partners, funding opportunities, universal accessibility, living together, art therapy, heritage, performing arts, cultural products, cultural offers, programs, public policies, reception and training, companions, special needs

Date, time, location

  • Date: Monday, June 21, 2021,
  • Time: 9-11 am
  • Location: Online zoom and collaborative platform, (you will receive by email the complete program with the Zoom connection link, in the days preceding the activity.)


To participate, simply register by filling in the online form HERE.

You can also fill out the registration form in Word format and send it by email to or contact us by phone at 438 722 4493.

Registration deadline June 10

For who?

This activity is open to all people involved or interested in the issues of culture, accessibility, and disability.

Preliminary program

  • When you register, an online questionnaire is used to establish the program and activities in a participatory manner. Share your opinion!
    Additional information

Additional information

We want to make this activity accessible to as many people as possible. Contact us if you have specific needs. LSQ-French interpreters will be available upon request (reservation required before June 10).

If you have any questions, please contact Aurelia Fleury


[1] Nothing about us without us is a slogan used to communicate the idea that no policy should be decided without the full and direct participation of the members of the group affected by that policy. This involves groups that are often considered marginalized from political, social, economic, and cultural opportunities.