visuel annoncant : équipes lauréates appel à projet 2023

Winners of the Participatory, Intersectoral and Disability Research program – Fall 2023

Discover the winners of the Inclusive Society program (Fall 2023)

Inclusive Society Participatory and Intersectoral Research Program supports six winners of the “Société Inclusive 8” edition. This competition provides teams with a funding opportunity of up to $35,000 for collaborative, cross-sectoral research projects aimed at producing concrete changes in the lives of people with disabilities.

Among the outstanding projects supported by this program, here are the Fall 2023 winners:

  1. Mobilization for the design of a support ecosystem adapted to women who are victims of domestic violence and suffer from traumatic brain injury.
  2. Co-development of intergenerational activities to break down ageism and support the social participation of people living with the after-effects of a traumatic brain injury.
  3. Co-creation and evaluation of tools to facilitate the implementation and appropriation of adapted physical activity training modules for community organizations.
  4. La Brigade d’Entraide: a vehicle for a stable, safe and healthy home
  5. Sans Tabous : Uniting for the inclusion of the sexual experiences and needs of adults with motor disabilities in sexology and rehabilitation
  6. Comprendre et faire comprendre: operationalizing an immersive design fiction tool to promote social participation by deaf people

Congratulations to the winners for their innovative and collaborative projects, which will help transform the associated ecosystems and promote a more inclusive society for all. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting initiatives!