The Committee of Partners has now been formed!

We are happy to announce that the Committee of Partners of the Inclusive Society initiative has now been formed. The partners of the initiative had until November 3rd to choose their representatives. 26 out of 45 voters participated in the vote (a 58% participation rate). Here are the names of the five elected representatives:

Michèle Archambault, Deputy Director, Social Services Branch, INESSS

Christiane Barette, Project Director, MEDTEQ

Manon Boisvert, representative for the ROSEPH

Isabelle Émond, Director, Evaluation and Support to the implementation of the Act, OPHQ

Marc St-Onge, director, AQLPH

The Committee of Partners is composed of the four enabler-organizations of the initiative, the Scientific Director and five representatives from the partners. The Committee will have a first meeting soon in November, to discuss the modalities of our first call for proposals, amongst other things.

Congratulations and thanks to all the candidates for their participation and engagement.


The Initiative’s enablers and the Executive Committee


The organisational structure of Inclusive Society