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First partners-researchers meeting

The intersectoral research initiative “Toward a more Inclusive Quebec Society” continues its activities. On October 23rd, we held a series of thematic meetings between researchers and partners to further discuss research ideas and solutions on the priorities identified by our partners on September 28th. Six sessions were organized on the following themes:

  1. Universal design, urban planning and Quebec Construction Code
  2. Transition from school to professional life and professional reintegration
  3. Living environment, leisure activities and culture
  4. Development, impact and acceptability of rehabilitation technologies
  5. Access to health care, long-term follow-up and impact of complementary services (e.g. respite care, caregivers, community services)
  6. Awareness, training and general perception of the people living with incapacities

The goal of these meetings was to facilitate a first contact between researchers and partners with common interests and to think together about possible solutions and collaborations, in preparation for a first call for proposals.

For more information, please see the summary report of the meeting (in French):

Société inclusive_rencontres chercheurs-partenaires_compte-rendu_23102017