Pole de ressources – Ile de France- en education thérapeutique du patient

The association « Pôle de ressources en Éducation Thérapeutique du Patient – Ile de France » aims at:

Supporting the development of local and city wide therapeutic patient education through training and training actions for the actors of therapeutic education, accompanying the implementation of therapeutic education programs, sensitizing health actors to therapeutic education and research practices and all activities that contribute to the realization of a therapeutic education resource center.

Missions supporting the development of ETP practices as close as possible to patients

The Pôle de Ressources en Education Thérapeutique du Patient (ETP),  created by ‘actors in the field’ with the support of  the Regional Health Agency in 2013, supports the development of ETP practices in ambulatory settings. Pole of expertise, incubator, catalyst and mediator supporting the implementation of educational practices in health, it contributes to the development of a favorable environment to their appropriation by professionals and patients with a search for equity.

Our missions as a resources for professionals and patients

  • co-creating and develop in a coordinated way multi-thematic educational practices
  • contribute to the efficiency of ETP’s organization and programs of activities
  • Integrate educational practices into health care pathways.

Website :  http://poletp.fr/

Partner type : Health and social services

Activity domain :  Health, health education practices, accompaniment, e-health, Living Labs (Forum LL Sa), research (partnership with research laboratories)

Target group :  Communities of chronically ill persons, patient expert responders, health professionals, health structures, health and territorial institutions

Collaboration with Inclusive Society
  • To be determined
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Information sharing