visuel pour évènement de maillage etre parent en situation de handicap au Québec -

Being a parent with a disability in Quebec – What services?


Parenthood in itself is as beautiful as it is challenging, and parenthood with a disability brings many additional challenges.

Lack of recognition and support, discrimination and prejudice, and lack of appropriate services are the most commonly cited.

In Quebec, four studies written in French in the last ten years illustrate the isolation of resources and parents with disabilities.

The networking meeting on December 5 aims to present opportunities for collaboration and funding to bring together different sectors such as community organizations supporting families, specialized health and social services and parents with disabilities.

The program will include an inspiring introduction to “How to break down the silos around services for parents with disabilities? , two presentations on projects in the process of being set up, and seeking partners, as well as a funding opportunity supporting cross-sector and intersectional collaboration and knowledge advancement.


  • Title of the event: Maillage Parentalité & handicap –
  • Theme: What services are offered or missing 
  • Date: December 5, 2022, 9:00 am to 10:30 am
  • Duration : 1h30
  • Registration: book your place online here

Why participate?

  •  You are interested in the current research on this subject
  •  You are looking to set up a participatory research project
  •  You want to connect with the network of experts on this topic
  •  You want to break the isolation of organizations that work to support families
  •  You are looking for resources 

Target audience:

  • Community partner (family, health, etc.)
  • Parents with disabilities
  • Clinical settings and health services
  • Scientific community (researchers / students)
  • People interested in the subject


  • Publicize ongoing projects
  • Share research news (list of references)
  • Nourish reflections and exchanges on the needs
  • Initiate new research projects and potential partnerships

The event 

    • Home of Inclusive Society 
    • Inspirational Intro How do we break down the silos around services for parents with disabilities? 
    • Presentation of projects and collaboration opportunities 
    • Presentation of funding opportunities
    • Exchange tables – sub-group discussion 

Detailed procedure

  • Hosting Inclusive Society

  • Inspirational conference  

How do we break down the silos around services for parents with disabilities?

This presentation will provide a quick overview of research on Parenting and Disability, highlighting the major themes already addressed, the needs of parents, and the stakeholders and organizations working with them.

Marjorie Aunos, a coordinator of a parenting and ID research network within the IASSIDD association, and associate professor at UQTR, has been working in the field of parenting and intellectual disabilities for 25 years and has been a mother in a wheelchair for 10 years. 


  • Presentation of projects and collaboration opportunities 

Setting up a partnership research on parenthood and disability that takes into account the experience of fathers (7 minutes)

This presentation will address the genesis of a research project on fatherhood in the context of disability, the different steps to be taken in the coming months, including the precise definition of the research project, the funding application, as well as the recruitment and deliverables to be considered in the context of such a project.

Coralie Mercerat, substitute professor in psychology and mental health, Université TÉLUQ

Can participatory research projects advance practice

Based on discussions about the needs of parents with disabilities and the professionals who work with them, as well as the relationships established with the research community, this presentation will present current initiatives aimed at identifying solutions to better equip and inform the community about recent research advances

Janou Radilla, Collective Advocacy Officer – Parenting File at Ex aequo, 

  • Presentation of funding opportunities of 35,000$ to support participatory research projects

Philippe Archambault, Co-Director of Société Inclusive will present Société Inclusive’s 2022-2023 call for projects which aims to support participatory research projects.  


  • Exchange tables – sub-group discussion 

This exchange will be organized in several steps, in sub-groups, participants will share their concerns regarding the topic. Then, the list of needs will be gathered and shared in a large group. 

On the basis of this various expertise, a synthesis will be articulated that will be used to establish research priorities.