Posters Call

Interested in participating in the conference poster session?  You are a graduate student or post-doctoral fellow doing or having done a research project with :

  • People with disabilities, neuroatypical or deaf people
  • People from the LGBTQIA2+ community
  • People of immigrant or refugee background
  • First peoples
  • People living in homelessness or extreme poverty
  • Older adults or people experiencing loss of autonomy
  • People from other marginalized groups

We are calling for poster presentations of research projects that focus on the needs of people from marginalized groups. Any research project where the voice of marginalized groups has been given is eligible, even if the research was not participatory.

Poster presentations are an excellent way to present research and practical experiences in a summative and visual way.

Then join us!


To participate in this call, we are calling on key stakeholders to submit a proposal that includes:

– A clear title (20 words maximum);

– List of all authors and their affiliations (university or other);

– A 300-word abstract with:

 – The subject clearly expressed;

 – The objectives of the research or experiment being conducted;

 – The methodology;

 – An overview of the main results;

– Be present on the day of the conference to present at the poster session.


Abstracts must be submitted to before January 31st. These abstracts will be evaluated by a scientific committee and a response will be sent in February 2023. Details on the preparation and presentation of posters will be communicated to those whose papers have been accepted.

  • January 12, presentation offered to students interested in submitting an abstract (video below)
  • January 31, submission of abstracts
  • February 14, selection results
  • April 17, the poster must be submitted to the organizing committee.
  • June 5 presentation at the symposium


The poster session will be a good opportunity for students to practice their skills in presenting their research projects to a variety of audiences. All attendees will be invited to vote for their favorite poster. In addition, a committee will evaluate the poster’s content, presentation, and response to questions. Different prizes will be awarded at the end of the day and the winners will be promoted on social networks and on the organizers’ websites.

We look forward to seeing and reading you there!

Documents (in french)

How to

Video (in french) of the presentation made on January 12, 2023

Questions asked at the meeting:

Do you accept posters from non-academics such as partners, fieldworkers, etc. who are involved in participatory research?

If you feel your proposal meets the general criteria (participatory research and marginalized populations), we strongly encourage you to apply and describe the context of your application in the abstract.

Is the conference in person or in distance learning?

The conference is face-to-face. As part of the selection criteria for posters, you must be able to be present on June 5th to present on site. However, please note that it is possible to follow the plenary sessions remotely as a zoom version will be available.

Is it possible to submit a poster that has already been presented at another scientific conference?

Yes it is possible, you will have to follow the procedure to submit your proposal and make sure to indicate it.

Do you accept ongoing projects, whose results are not yet known?

Yes, in this case, present the hypotheses of results or preliminary results.

The Organizing Committee Team