Étoile de Pacho

Nous faisons de l'accompagnement auprès des parents d'enfants handicapés, nous aidons aussi ces familles en cherchant des aidants Naturels afin de leurs donner du répit.

Théâtre Aphasique

Le Théâtre Aphasique oeuvre à la réadaptation et la réinsertion sociale des personnes aphasique par le biais du théâtre et des arts de la scène et à la sensibilisation de la population à l'aphasie. Il offre des ateliers d'art dramatique pour personnes aphasiques, des ateliers de sensibilisation à l'aphasie, des…

Les YMCA du Québec

With a presence in Québec of over 165 years, we are witnesses to the challenges facing our communities every day. Through our action and thanks to your generosity, we help people adopt healthy lifestyle habits, grow and have a greater sense of belonging to their community. We help build healthy…

Centre d’intégration à la vie active (CIVA)

Active since 1961, CIVA's mission is to study, sponsor, promote and develop programs to help people with physical disabilities to integrate and participate actively in the life of their community. CIVA offers art classes, cultural and social activities, outdoors activities, adapted sports (Basketball, Boccia,Rugby, Powerchair Soccer and Bowling) and organizes…

Regroupement des Organisation de Promotion des Personnes Handicapées de Laval (ROPPHL)

The consortium is a community organization composed of more than 30 associations promoting and defending the interests, rights, activities and services for people living with disabilities and their families.  The consortium represents more than 10 000 people of all ages and living with either sensory, motor or intellectual impairments, with…

Association canadienne des ergothérapeutes – Québec

Advance excellence in occupational therapy: Support occupational therapists in the evolution of their practice and the pursuit of excellence. Advance awareness, understanding, and use of occupational therapy. Position CAOT as the knowledge and resource hub for occupational therapy practice in Canada.

Office des personnes handicapées du Québec (OPHQ)

L’Office des personnes handicapées du Québec is a government agency that helps increase the social participation of people with disabilities. The Office performs a unique combination of functions such as: Carrying out assessments and research on the social participation of persons with disabilities in Québec, resulting in recommendations based on…


Financial services for disabled persons and their families (RDSP, tax credits, insurance and financial planning)

Association des personnes avec une déficience de l’audition (APDA)

L’Association des personnes avec une déficience de l’audition (APDA) is a non-profit organization founded in 1984. The APDA works with people living with hearing limitations, whether it is mild of profound hearing loss. In order to better integrate people living with hearing loss into society, the association offers respectful and…

Living Lab Santé Autonomie, LLSA

By bringing together stakeholders (public and private organizations, businesses, associations, users, etc.) within the Living Labs, we create solutions (products, services, practices, organizations) for health or autonomy that are: Desirable Cost-effective sustainable