Specialized services for intellectual disabilities or autism spectrum disorders
Specialized services to support the social integration and participation of individuals with a developmental disability or an autism spectrum disorder. These services may include the following activities

conducting a functional assessment of the individual
making available professional assessments
determining the intervention plan, implementing it and reviewing it periodically.
Other services are offered according to the needs and characteristics of the individual in order to promote the developmental project (in children) or the life project (in adults):

intensive behavioural intervention
early stimulation
specialized support in the person’s natural living environment
professional services (psycho-education, psychology, neuropsychology, sexology, etc.).

Assistance to family and friends
When required, specialized services aimed at

support the development of the parents’ and relatives’ ability to intervene with the person
support the development of new skills in parents and relatives, to optimize the effect of adaptation and rehabilitation interventions
offer support in certain steps aimed at integrating the person.

Support to partners
These services aim to support our partners in the acquisition of skills that promote the development of users and facilitate their integration and social participation.

More specifically, for the socio-professional integration component:

The adaptation and rehabilitation program in the context of work integration of the DI-TSA-DP program management aims to offer users the opportunity to play a socially valued role and to make their contribution both socially and economically. Its objective is to promote the integration and retention of users in the workplace by personalizing the required support measures.

Different formulas to accompany users

> Workshops (unpaid)
Under the supervision of interveners (educators and rehabilitation assistants), individuals carry out tasks related to contracts awarded by various companies in the CIUSSS de l’Estrie-CHUS facilities. Our two workshops are located in Sherbrooke and Windsor. Please note that a transportation allowance is paid to the individual.

> Work platform (unpaid)
A group of approximately eight users, supervised by a worker, performs tasks in an organization (business, school, seniors’ residence, etc.). There are currently 21 work platforms in seven MRCs. These people lighten the tasks of the employees, without replacing them. Note that a transportation allowance is paid to the person.

> Individual internship (unpaid)
Working in an organization under the supervision of one of their employees, the person benefits from the remote supervision of an intervener. Currently, 122 organizations in our region host people in this way. Note that a transportation allowance is paid to the person.

> Paid employment
The interveners provide adapted and punctual accompaniment to the person so that he or she can keep his or her job or find a suitable one.

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Partner type : Health and social services

Activity domain :  Services d'intégration socio professionnelle et socio communautaire

Target group :  Adultes autistes et personnes présentant une déficience intellectuelle

Collaboration with Inclusive Society
  • Sharing of space
  • Sharing of staff
  • Contact with specific population or clientele
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Information sharing
  • Participation in Inclusive Society’s activities