Christie Brien

School of Physical and Occupational Therapy
McGill University

Christie Brien completed her PhD in psycholinguistics at the University of Ottawa, focusing on bilingual language processing strategies. She is a postdoctoral research trainee with Eva Kehayia at McGill University/CRIR and Gonia Jarema at the Université de Montréal/CRIUGM. Her main projects aim to evaluate and improve social inclusion for people with communication difficulties in public spaces such as the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. The objective is to determine real world obstacles by consulting persons with aphasia (PWA) in-situ and to collaborate with researchers, partners, and PWA to jointly create optimal solutions such as using Assistive Technology that contains apps which provide users with information that has been modified so that it is accessible to all.

Nature and technologies
Society and culture

Psycholinguistics, communication, social inclusion, aphasia

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