What are the legislatives rules for optimal knowledge transfer ?

Marie-Josée Lapointe, Vice-president, Legal Affairs Axelys

Here we introduce the legal considerations when carrying out a participatory research project.

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From a legal standpoint, there are several things to consider when you decide to start a participatory research project. First, I recommend that you put in place a confidentiality agreement between the various stakeholders. Secondly, I also recommend that you put in place a collaboration agreement between the various stakeholders that should include clauses regarding intellectual property could be generated as part of the project. These include copyrights, trademarks, patentable inventions, know-how, etc. The other thing to consider is how you might use the data in the project. Do you use, for example, patient data that might require specific consent for use in the project? In short, there are a multitude of issues to consider when using sensitive data in a project. The other thing you might want to consider in a collaborative agreement is the recognition you might want as part of your contribution to the project. So there are different issues to consider in a participatory research project. There are several legal questions, and I strongly recommend before entering into such a project, to contact your research or development office to find out more, so that they can answer your questions more specifically.