Victoriaville is the main city of the regional county of Arthabaska in the administrative region of Centre-du-Québec. In the province of Québec, the city is considered as the ‘cradle of sustainable development,’ since it is where numerous sustainability initiatives were created: environmental (waste recovery, hybrid cars for municipal services, tree planting, etc.), social (The Bois-Franc […]

Montreal City

The City of Montreal is committed to : be a leader in universal accessibility; take into account universal accessibility in every step of decision making processes and realization of municipal activities; ensure consistency and complementarity of all the interventions; promote the sharing of expertise and innovation with a view to continuous improvement; foster active partnership with community […]

Quebec City

Cradle of ‘La Francophonie’ in North America, a world heritage jewel, Quebec City is a city of history and modernity where life, work, prosperity, entertainment, freedom of speech and informations are good. Quebec City’s mission is to provide the best possible services to all it’s citizens (individuals, groups or legal persons). The municipal organization strives […]