logo avec les lettres MEDTEQ+ en majuscules en juste en dessous l'innovation pour la santé, innovation for health

Presentation of the MEDTEQ+ Impact program

Are you part of the industrial, academic or health network? This presentation may be of interest to you because from concept to commercialization, MEDTEQ+ supports innovators who develop the health-improving technologies of tomorrow. The organization’s objective is to develop the medical technology sector. Its mission is to accelerate the development of innovative solutions, their validation and integration into healthcare networks, and to position, locally and internationally, products and services from the MEDTEQ+ sector in Quebec and Canada, thus generating a major economic impact while improving care for patients.

At this event, a MEDTEQ+ representative presented the support available to you through the Impact program. These grants are aimed at universities and companies for public/private collaborative research projects.

What is the Impact program? The Impact program provides financial support for collaborative research and development projects aimed at developing health-related technologies. The grant application can be submitted at various stages) from the very beginning of the project, to the observation of the basic principles, to the demonstration of the technology in a representative environment. The grant is intended to support the project at all stages until the system is commercialized.

Who can benefit? Following a revision of the rules at the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, the rules related to the financial aspects of the IMPACT program are now much more lenient! For SMEs, MEDTEQ can cover up to 40% (up to 1.5 million) of the cost of the project, with 40% coming from other sources and 20% from one or more industrial partners. For large companies, MEDTEQ can cover 20% of the project (up to 1.5 million), with 40% to come from other sources, and the other 40% from industrial partners (of which 20% can be accepted in kind).

What are the benefits? MEDTEQ funding can include a variety of benefits. The organization can offer support from an account executive to identify potential partners or co-financing organizations, as well as 25 hours of free coaching and advice to selected companies to accelerate their projects.
The success rate of the Impact program is very good, with close to 60% of applications funded at the first submission and 80% at the second submission. It is possible to submit at 4 times during the year. It is not a competition, so each application is evaluated individually. Some funding is sometimes available for thematic initiatives. Finally, MEDTEQ funding is easily harmonized with that of co-funding organizations (such as MITACS and TRANSMEDTECH).

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