Logo de Sage-innovation


SAGE-Innovation is a non-profit organization consolidating regional health actors, including but not limited to, health, education and training institutions, community organizations and private companies. Hence SAGE-Innovation is a supportive organization promoting the pooling of resources and ideas through services, projects and value-added activities for its members.

Its mission is to stimulate development and economic growth as well as creating wealth by fostering cooperative and interrelational synergy between health and social services and training institutions, community organizations and Eastern Township’s health sector companies with the goal of increasing:

  • the efficiency of health care networks, practices and training in health and social services while emphasizing, but not limiting, the prevention and support for autonomy.
  • the emergence, valorization/commercialization as well as the technological transfer of regional innovations in health or social services, including support for autonomy.

Website :  https://accordsanteestrie.weebly.com/accueil.html

Partner type : Health and social services

Activity domain :  Economic development

Target group :  General population

Collaboration with Inclusive Society
  • Contact with specific population or clientele
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Information sharing