Institut fédératif de recherche sur le handicap (IFRH)

The IFRH (Federative Research Institute on Disability) was set up in 1994 and established in 1995. It was renewed after a favorable assessment of scientific bodies of the partners in 1998 under the direction of Prof. Jean-Pierre Didier (University of Burgundy).

The current director is Pr. Philippe Pudlo, Professor at the Université de Valenciennes/Le Hainaut/Cambraisis. The IFRH  brings together 32 institutions or universities (CHU, public research organizations such as INSERM and CNRS, engineering schools, etc.), 3 learned societies, 5 international networks, 2 user associations.

Website :  http://ifr-handicap.inserm.fr/

Partner type : Teaching and research community

Activity domain :  Research

Target group :  People with disabilities, General population

Collaboration with Inclusive Society
  • Contact with specific population or clientele
  • Sharing of expertise
  • Information sharing