Facilitation Graphique restitution des idees principales de la table ronde du colloque

Participatory research is an innovative approach to including the voices of marginalized groups in the research process.

Société Inclusive, in collaboration with the Centre de recherche et d’expertise en gérontologie sociale (CREGÉS), the Institut universitaire en déficience intellectuelle et en trouble du spectre de l’autisme, and Exeko, organized a series of events during 2023 in Quebec to share the approaches developed in this field. Find out more about the tools used to disseminate knowledge at these events.

Visual summaries, an engaging approach:

They are a real asset for communicating complex information in an accessible and captivating way. Download all the graphic facilitations [in french] that summarize the key points of the participatory research events. These creative images will help you to quickly grasp the topics covered and better understand the inclusive approaches underway. Please feel free to distribute them.

Event notes, a wealth of valuable information:

Event notes are detailed summaries of presentations, discussions and exchanges between participatory research experts and participants. Consult these notes to discover innovative approaches, challenges and successes in PAR/FOR/with marginalized groups in Quebec.

Inspiring videos, 20 projects:

A total of 20 research projects were presented in the form of videos, each lasting up to 5 minutes. These videos reflect the diversity of initiatives undertaken in the field of participatory research with marginalized groups.

Captivating webinars, focused themes:

The webinars explored specific topics, such as participatory action research with women in post-housing transition, the inclusion of autistic people in research, and the fight against poverty. These webinars were led by passionate experts who shared their knowledge and experience.

N.B.: To access visual summaries, event notes, inspiring videos and recordings of the workshops and webinars, click HERE.

Participatory research BY/FOR/WITH marginalized groups in Quebec is in action. Together, let’s continue to support participatory research and build a future where inclusion is at the heart of every research initiative!