le fond de l'image est un rideau de théatre rouge, par dessus est inscrit le titre de l'évènement "la culture part tous – Autisme, neurodiversité, déficience intellectuelle, arts vivants (Musique, Théâtre) "

Inclusive Culture : Artistic practices

Networking event in french: Autism, neurodiversity, intellectual disabilities, performing arts (Music, Theatre)

The event of October 26, 2022 aims to provide a space for meeting and discussion around a specific topic: amateur artistic practices, tools for emancipation.

Société Inclusive seeks to accompany the movement in the cultural sector to think collaboratively about inclusion BY and FOR and the diversity of artistic practices, in the wake of recent projects such as the Charter for an Accessible, Inclusive, and Equitable Culture, developed in a participatory manner and presented by Exeko in 2020, and the Canada Council for the Arts’ pan-Canadian research The Artistic Practices of People who are Deaf or have a Disability in Canada, made public in February 2021.

This event is organized in two parts, first, presentations of participatory research projects, around theater and music, and then thematic rooms will allow the assembly to establish contacts for possible future interdisciplinary and intersectoral collaborations.

Practical information

Why participate?

  • You are interested in the current research on this topic
  • You are looking to set up a participatory research project
  • You want to connect with the network of experts on this topic

Target audience:

  • Scientific community (researchers / students)
  • Community partner
  • Financial partners
  • DI-TSA networks
  • Individuals interested in the topic


  • To publicize ongoing projects and research findings
  • To nourish reflections and exchanges on artistic practices by HS people
  • To present the work and the stakes of actors in the field: “arts by all, artistic practice” (theater and music)
  • To initiate new research projects and potential partnerships (international).

program in brief

  • 9:00 – Welcome,
  • 9:05 – Introduction,
  • 9:30 – Presentation of 4 projects,
  • 10:30 – Funding Opportunities,
  • 11:00 am – Sub-group discussions and exchanges,
  • 12:00 – End of the activity

Detailled Contents

Presentation and sharing of the study Arts Practices of Deaf and Disabled People in Canada

Co-coordinator of the Canada Research Chair in Deaf Cultural Citizenship and Cultural Equity Practices, Sarah Heussaff will introduce the event by presenting the main result from the study Arts Practices of Deaf and Disabled People in Canada

[Music] 2 Presentations

Percussion as a tool to improve social interactions for people with autism.

Co-founder of the APPROSH (Arts Percussions Program Research Human Social Organization) program mediator and artist, Mohamed Ghoul will present the APPROSH program which helps people with autism and other disabilities improve their social interactions and communication through the arts and music, specifically with percussion. Through the use of rhythmic exercises, participants improve their ability to concentrate, communicate, and socialize in an atmosphere of calm, respectful, and caring exchanges, resulting in improved self-esteem and inclusion.


a training program
a training project for mediators with autism
a respite space

Key words: Autism, percussion, music, program, respite, emancipation

The Extraordinary Music Camp, 2nd Edition

The 2nd edition of the Camp musical-extra-ordinaire – an inclusive music camp for youth living with an intellectual or physical disability – was offered in the summer of 2022. Jean-Philippe Després (researcher in charge) and Flavie Bédard-Bruyère (doctoral student and research assistant) will first briefly describe the 1st edition of the project (2020), which took place online due to COVID-19. Then, they will present the 2nd edition (2022) of the project, detailing the context and the pedagogical approach put forward, while offering some preliminary results, related to communication, self-determination and social skills of the participating extra-ordinary youth. Finally, they will discuss the challenges encountered and the future plans for the project.

Facebook and Youtube links of the AMI-Télé report on the 1st edition of the Extraordinary Music Camp: AMI-télé – Le camp musical Extra-ordinaire | Facebook

[Theatre] 2 Presentations

Exploring the possibilities of a FALC (Easy to Read and Understand) Theater

Presentation of a participatory action research project on accessible theater. The goal is to explore the possibilities of a FALC Theater, to better share the literary and theatrical heritage, in collaboration with the professionals of the ESAT FALC “la Roseraie” (FALC translators), and the public in situation of handicap of the Adapei. Supported by the organization ZIGZAG, Pratiques Artistiques Adaptées (Adapted Artistic Practices) which accompanies the public weakened by handicaps, psychic disorders, diseases, old age, exclusion, deschooling, in the practice of artistic expression activities.

Artistic and pedagogical director of the French association ZIGZAG, Pratiques Artistiques Adaptées Matt K’Danet, will present the work of ZIGZAG with the public weakened by disabilities, mental disorders, diseases, old age, exclusion, deschooling, in the practice of artistic expression activities.  ZIGZAG is also :
– A Center of Adapted Artistic Practices: Workshops, Training courses, Parents/Children practices, mixed “inclusive” practices, discovery days.
– A project for a professional training center
– A Research Laboratory focused on Artistic Mediation (and many partnerships)
– A theater company
– An exhibition gallery dedicated to the arts in relation to fragility and diversity

– A Festival for the diffusion of adapted works and shows
– Les Rencontres ZIGZAG, an inter-institutional and inter-professional festival dedicated to artistic and cultural mediation,
– An Audiovisual Department,

Key words : public with loss of autonomy, adapted artistic practices, live shows, exhibitions, awareness of the general public and professionals


Performing arts and university curriculum for atypical artists

Menka Nagrani has dedicated her career to the professional inclusion of atypical artists, and has received the Order of Canada for this.

For more than 20 years, she has been teaching at Les Muses, a socio-professional training center in the performing arts that aims at professional inclusion in the artistic milieu. In 2004, she founded Les Productions des pieds des mains, an inclusive dance and theater company (NPO) that trains and hires artists with intellectual and other disabilities.

Currently, she is working at Concordia University’s theater department and is developing a research project around the inclusion of Muses students in the theater department’s classes. Menka will present this preliminary project and the perspectives offered by this approach.

Keywords: DI, Theatre, university credits, pilot project

Funding Opportunities

  • City of Montreal program “Amateur artistic practice: towards cultural citizenship in tomorrow’s neighbourhoods
  • Philippe Archambault, Co-director of Société Inclusive will present the “Research in Partnership” program

Sub-group discussions and exchanges

Open topics, based on participants’ wishes shared during the registration