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Acfas Congress

The 89th Acfas Congress, organized in collaboration with Laval University, will take place from May 9 to 13, 2022 under the theme Sciences, innovations, and societies. A full week of events, conferences, and discussions on research and knowledge.

For you, we have selected some exciting projects on the themes of accessibility and inclusion! There are of course projects led by Inclusive Society researchers and many others!

Discover the selection

* project with IS researcher

Participatory research

*#6 – Collaborating to sustain the results of partnership research on social and health issues

Valérie Poulin; Hélène Carbonneau;



#403 Co-construction: a new paradigm  

Christophe Leyrie; Sonia Boivin; Philippe Boigey; Michel Foudriat; Maxime Delaloy



Environment and motor skills

*#127 – Disability, Innovation and Territory: Optimizing the environment for better participation

ME Lamontagne; F. Routhier; W. Allègre F. Routhier



*#623- Challenges and Innovations Related to Wheelchair Mobility

Krista Best; François Routhier; Paula Rushton



#101- Together for Equitable Access to Physical Rehabilitation Services: Opportunities for Action to Better Meet the Needs of the Population   

Kadija Perreault; Anne Hudon; Rose Gagnon; Jonathan Gervais-Hupé; Helene Simard




*#642 Social Inclusion and Universal Accessibility in Museums: A Crossroads

Aude Porcedda; Eva Kehayia; Zakia Hammouni



#625 – International Symposium on the Contribution of the Arts to the Development of People Living with an Intellectual or Physical Disability or an Autism Spectrum Disorder 

Jean-Philippe Després; Francine Julien-Gauthier; Flavie Bédard-Bruyère

May 13


Employment & Work

*#448 Disability, Work and Public Policy 

Normand Boucher; Christine C. Paulin



#450- Innovative Practices for Creating Inclusive Workplaces: Comparative Experiences

Sophie Brière; Bibana Pulido; Fanny Eugène; Laurie Laplanche; Rosie Kasongo




#102 – Aging Well and Hearing Health: How can we contribute to the autonomy of our seniors?        

Andréanne Sharp; Philippe Fournier; Maxime Maheu

May 13


#105 – Innovative approaches for successful cognitive aging 

Pascale Tremblay; Marilyne Joyal

May 13



Developmental Disabilities

#106 Innovating to promote motor development and participation of youth with neurodevelopmental disorders       

Véronique Flamand; Catherine Mercier; Marieve Blanchet

May 12


#113 Developmental Language Disorder: Recent Research in French and Future Perspectives         

Chantal Desmarais; Élody Ross-Lévesque; Pascale Dubois; Pamela Filitrault-Veilleux




520 Identifying, Developing and Evaluating Innovative Interventions and Professional Practices in Intellectual Disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders: Crossing Knowledge

Myriam Rousseau; Suzie McKinnon; Stéphanie M-Fecteau; Jacinthe Bourassa 10-May


Mental Health

#128 Digital for mental health        

Stephane Guay; Samir Taga



#401- The implementation of rights in mental health: between constraints, support and transformation of practices

Pierre Pariseau-Legault; Emmanuelle Bernheim; David Pelosse




#505- Education of Deaf and Deafened Students: Between Social Participation, Inclusion and Literacy

Sylvie Letscher; Audrey Dupont; Rachel Berthiaume



#506 Updating knowledge of assessment and intervention for the dyslexic-dysorthographic francophone learner

Nathalie Chapleau; Bruno Gauthier; Dima Safi