Le CAPVISH contribue activement à défendre les droits et intérêts des personnes vivant avec une incapacité motrice. La défense des droits passe par une meilleure compréhension de ce qu’est le handicap et l’apport de solutions concrètes. Nous sommes toujours proactifs dans le domaine! Nous n’hésitons pas à collaborer avec nos membres et nos partenaires afin […]

Les YMCA du Québec

With a presence in Québec of over 165 years, we are witnesses to the challenges facing our communities every day. Through our action and thanks to your generosity, we help people adopt healthy lifestyle habits, grow and have a greater sense of belonging to their community. We help build healthy and vibrant neighbourhoods, where different […]

The International Network on the Disability Creation Process (INDCP)

The mission of the organization is to promote the most appropriate response to the needs of people with impairments and through the promotion, application and development of the conceptual framework for the Human Development Model – Disability Creation Process (HDM-DCP).


The ROSEPH is a non-profit group representing 22 Supported Employment Services for people with disabilities operating throughout Québec. These organizations have been providing employment services to people with disabilities for over 30 years. The ROSEPH was founded in 2004 with a mission of uniting and supporting its members in their work to help people with […]