Our logo

The project of creating a more inclusive society is highly complex and requires the pooling of expertise, knowledge and means from more than one of the main scientific sectors in Quebec (Nature and Technologies, Health, Society and Culture).

The three shapes of the logo

Each shape represents one of the three scientific sectors. Their arrangement refers to the set theory in mathematics or to the additive color method, where the combination of colors produces another color, white being the combination of red, green and blue.

The logo represents the objective of the Inclusive Society initiative, which is to combine the creativity, the knowledge and the energy of the three scientific sectors in order to find innovative and sustainable solutions to the challenges that come with the project of an inclusive society for people with disabilities.


The colors:

Green stands for the search for wellbeing and solidarity.

Orange is a color full of life and enthusiasm. It refers to technologies and suggests innovation.

Blue is for the trust we place in our researchers and partners.

White is the synthesis of all colors. White leads to compassion, openness to others. It also symbolises knowledge.

Sources: https://www.keacrea.com/blog/quelles-informations-communiquent-les-couleurs-utilisees-pour-votre-identite